Android Permission Terms & Policy



Android Permissions Policy

Welcome curious myLa’Beyla App V3.3 users. If you are the type who looks over the list of requested permissions for an application (and you should), you will often find some scary sounding things in the list. Below is the list of permissions that the myLa’Beyla v3.3 application requests along with explanations as to why we ask for them.


The Android permission system requires applications to request all possible permissions at the time of install that might be needed at any point in the future by the application. There is no way for a customer to pick-and-choose which permissions to allow, and there is no way for an application to only request a permission when you use some feature in the application that requires that permission.


We can tell you that we try to make smile to our customers with make more easy tools to shop with fingers. We also try to help others in developing their new sales by joining our dropship/agent team. We hope..with this tiny app can help you along with La’Beyla. For permission related to apps, please read below. Do not hestitate to ask us for more information.


Phone callsRead phone status and identity

This permission helps myLa’Beyla detect when there are changes to network conditions. For example, many phones lose their internet connection when a phone call is in progress and will resume the internet connection when the phone call is complete.


StorageModify or delete the contents of your USB storage

myLa’Beyla uses Android maps, which uses external/USB storage for caching downloaded map information.


Your messages Read your text messages (SMS or MMS), receive text messages (SMS),send SMS messages

The permissions when you send a content of myLa’Beyla to someone, you can choose to send via an SMS text message, send via an email, post to Facebook, post to Twitter, copy to your clipboard, or send to another application on your phone. This send SMS messages permission is only needed if you choose to send an invite to a friend using an SMS text message. Note: If you prefer to use a Google Voice number to send SMS messages, you can use the “share via” button in the app page and choose a different program to send the share link.


Record AudioMicrophones

Microphones used in our visualisers and radio fragment. For future use of online stream radio channel.


Your locationApproximate (network-based) location, precise (GPS and network-based) location

These permissions are needed to obtain your location. Network-based location (also known as ‘coarse mode’) gets a quick location, but is not usually pinpoint accurate. GPS (also known as ‘fine mode’) is a bit slower to initially locate you, but is usually more accurate.


BluetoothAccess Bluetooth settings, pair with Bluetooth devices

These permissions allow Glympse to be paired with many in-dash car systems that are “Glympse aware”. We have partnered with several car makers and will be rolling out support for new systems over time.


Network communication full network access

myLa’Beyla fully use internet data to operate and get informations from our based website. You will cannot to use this apps feature if this permission not use.


Run at Startup onesignal

myLa’Beyla use OneSignal features for push-notification that need to be start at phone startup.


Your social informationRead call log, read your contacts

The “read call log” permission allows you to quickly send a myLa’Beyla to a person you are currently talking to or have recently talked to. This feature works in the application and on all devices.

For the “read contact data” permission, myLa’Beyla uses your contacts to allow you to pick a phone number or email address to send a myLa’Beyla links to your contacts share.


System toolschange audio settings

myLa’Beyla use to play video contents and controls the output volumes.


Your accountsread Google service configuration

The “read Google service configuration” permission is needed to use many of the new features in Google Play Services, such as better location, routing, and maps.


Affects batteryControl vibration, prevent phone from sleeping

For the “control vibration” permission, myLa’Beyla uses standard Android notifications.

The “prevent phone from sleeping” permission added with video player that prevent phone from sleeping.