About Us

Happylifeshoppe now is La’beyla !!! We are undergoing rebranding process which would take some time.  For our Angels .. not to worry.  Happylifeshoppe and La’beyla is the same product, same quality, same owner, same management.  We want to go far as we have 6900 returning customer who support us and 170,000 fans on Facebook. In return to your continous support, we are rebranding our presence from Happylifeshoppe to La’beyla with more product and service in line.  Happy shopping Angels!!!
It's started with blogging for fun for friends and families.  The key was to  share stories happily, and that's where Happylifeshoppe name came out. With some technical touch from the husband and artistic mind from the wife a copreneurship venture was born in November 2010.
Several market test on some selected products were carried out before we finally selected hijabs and shawls as Happylifeshoppe's core revenue generator. As a result, what's started with 100 LIKES in December 2010 is now around 10,000 LIKES achieved in November 2011. Thank you friends, families and fans for your support, we wouldn't be here if is not for you.
Happylifeshoppe was officialized as business entity on 11 January 2011.  A nice date to remember and unique date for Happylifeshoppe. To be niche, Happylifeshoppe has engaged an exclusive approach to our hijab and shawl product line by having some lovely touch to the material; Only those who had purchase our product line will experienced the meaning of Happylifeshoppe lovely touch.
Happylifeshoppe starts it's operation in November 2010 and officially established in January 2011.  Operating on SOHO concept or Small Office Home Office or simply said ... Work From Home (in Bangi of course). The business grows rapidly and as a result we now have a third full time member in the team... you saw her picture in every inches of this blog...
Happylifeshoppe wants you to have a pleasant experience surfing our blog so, taking the word of the late Steve Job .. we try to "humanized" this blog .. in a different way off course ...  

If you enjoy this reading, you'll enjoy surfing this site ... come again to this page sometime down the road .. who knows the content may changes with different story about Happylifeshoppe.